Argumenta Ltd


Augumenta Ltd. is a software company specialized in delivering augmented reality applications and development tools for Industry 4.0 enterprises. The applications allow smart glass users to monitor and control machine operations and interact with Internet of Things (IoT) devices in an intuitive way.

Augumenta Ltd. develops data visualization and controlling software platform as part of the VIRPA-C “digitization of real estate maintenance” project. Illogical user interfaces and lack of easy of use are the biggest challenges with smart glass usage right now. Augumenta tries to solve this challenge with software platform based on gesture control and augmented reality (AR) technology. The software platform is device dependent, so it can be assembled into which ever smart glass with camera.

Most of the workload of the project is dedicated to software platform development. Most important tasks are new algorithm solutions, like “deep learning” –technology research and deployment, virtual dashboard and analysis and implementation of special requirements for smart glasses from real estate maintenance. User requirements for software platform also comes from other VIRPA-C pilots and from direct customer feedback.

Additionally, to software development, Augumenta works together with project partners in developing and testing of different pilots. Those pilots aim to enhance productivity of daily work of real estate maintenance with software solutions to smart glasses. Agile piloting is one of the basic principal of VIRPA program. It gives fast feedback for concurrent engineering of software platform.

Value chain creation and supportive business models is one of the research topics of the project as well.

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