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A lot of attention has recently been paid to the well-being of users of premises. Granlund and the other parties in the Virpa D project are now focusing their attention on users. Granlund is interested in exploring the solutions offered by the other project participants.

The theme of the newly launched research project could not be more well-timed: the well-being of users of premises has finally become the emphasis of operators in the real-estate sector.

Universities and businesses in the Virtual service environment D project (Virpa D) form an ecosystem that develops new, scalable user services. Granlund is also contributing its strong engineering expertise to the project, and has also actively participated in the earlier stages of the project.

“We have also been involved in the Virpa C project, which focused on digital maintenance services. We have explored methods for collecting data on the functionality and utilisation rate of properties, developed new analytics and visualisation methods as well as tested augmented reality technologies,” says Granlund’s Senior Consultant Heikki Ihasalo.

Ihasalo says that working together will benefit everyone.

“The Virpa projects have a number of interesting parties from which we have learned about new technologies and digital business models. The project has also made it possible to pilot new solutions together with other organisations. We will use this knowledge in the future to develop our software and services.”

The Virpa projects have produced tangible benefits for Granlund and its customers, such as methods for collecting measurement data from a property’s technical systems, new data analytics and visualisation methods, and understanding the opportunities offered by augmented reality.

“It’s great that the Virpa project is continuing! We will shift our focus to the users of premises. As a whole, the theme is really topical, as the well-being of users of premises has been discussed in more detail recently. Virpa D involves new partners, and I look forward to getting to know their solutions better,” says Ihasalo.

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