Siemens provides solutions, services and products for building technology, sustainable energy production, smart grid, efficient traffic and competitive industries. The company’s future success is based on electrification, automation and digitalisation.

At Siemens’ Building Technologies Unit, we construct energy-efficient, secure and productive properties. Our experts, global coverage as well as experience and technical expertise gathered over the decades create perfect spaces – perfect for the purpose for which they are designed. We are a trusted partner, service provider, system integrator and product supplier.

The role of digital services and building performance services is becoming increasingly important as the real-estate sector evolves. Users are satisfied in intelligent buildings, and a building portfolio can have more uses even in social terms. Siemens Building Technologies has invested in these activities and will continue to do so. This is also Siemens’ contribution to the Virpa project: how to collect the necessary building technology data in a place where it is accessible to all parties; how the data is further processed to best benefit its owner and how to do all this following strict data security procedures.

In the Virpa project, we have applied the Siemens Navigator building technology management system for this purpose. Data is collected in one location, from where it can be shared, and the Navigator analytics can be harnessed to monitor a building’s performance based on all existing data.

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