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Flavoria is a research and development laboratory for genuine consumer experience located on Turku University’s Kupittaa campus. It is a lunch restaurant and service complex operated by Sodexo and is visited by around 1,500 people every day. Flavoria researches consumer’s authentic experiences and choices using the latest technological methods of influencing and observation.

The mini-ecosystem activities related to the Virpa D project offer a good understanding of how different technologies can produce user-centred overall service solutions and affect the quality of life of different campus users. Employing new technologies in a genuine environment will increase understanding of customer experiences. For example, technology that analyses human emotions can be used to identify the critical points and points for improvement in the services and to create services that are more specifically targeted to the customer base in question.

Data analytics from this unique environment also provides a whole new kind of data that is utilised in Sodexo’s development of services. The company’s resources can be allocated to matters that generate value for customers by combining data collected on customer satisfaction with data on what people choose to eat and details of food waste.

The Virpa D project and the participating technology partners can easily test, in a genuine restaurant environment, whether new technologies can bring added value to customers or to the research.

Flavoria is a food experience centre

Flavoria is the University of Turku’s innovation ecosystem that will take a scientific understanding of people’s multisensory experience and decision-making behaviour to a new world-class level, and it will also generate new innovations. The focus is on human choices and experiences, and understanding these. The project examines, amongst other things, how people move in a space, how they experience food and how the environment can influence the experience.

Flavoria forms the mini-ecosystem for the Virpa D project, which involves collaborating in various case studies with technology companies. The purpose of the case studies is to produce research data on the functionality of digital solutions as generators of customer value as well as to provide companies with direct benefits for developing their technologies. Academic and commercial research data that is gathered in Flavoria is intended to enhance our understanding of which factors affect customers’ quality of life and how these things can be presented in a measurable form.

Consumers will be an essential part of the ecosystem, and an application is used to engage all the parties in the ecosystem (the restaurant service provider, researchers, property owner, consumers).

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