Tampere University of Technology (TUT)


Tampere University of Technology (TUT) conducts research in the fields of technology and architecture and provides higher education based on this research. TUT’s campus in the suburb of Hervanta is a community of 8,300 undergraduate and postgraduate students and 1,700 employees. The TUT units taking part in the Virpa project are the building technology and signal processing laboratories.

The building technology laboratory specialists’ focus in the Virpa project is on enterprise-oriented research, which tests digitalisation applications in user services, based on the understanding of the user as a psycho-physical entity, and studies user organisations in the digital revolution. The main areas of interest are: i) artificial intelligence as a co-worker: humans and new environments; ii) well-being in digital work: new well-being and decision-making behaviour; and iii) inevitable reformation of property management: new user services and markets for them; the ability of the new paradigm to generate value. One of the main goals is to compile material from the Virpa project pilots and create new classifications in the real estate and building industry concept maps (e.g. a property business glossary), which take into account changes resulting from the all-pervasive digitalisation. It is essential to question the traditional division of property and user services and identify new service categories as the success factors for the future real estate business.

The signal processing laboratory researchers analyse data from the premises and users in the Virpa project, implementing and developing artificial intelligence methods. The laboratory has a long tradition of interpreting image and video data as well as 1D signals. For example, face and facial expression recognition from images and videos has already been studied. There are also studies into multi-view methods where learning takes place when a variety of data is combined; for example, a person can be identified using both sound and image or, in the absence of one, only one of these. The signal processing laboratory specialists also take part in the design and placement of infrastructure-related sensors, so that the essential data analysis requirements are taken into account.

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