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VTT is involved in the first three parts of the Virpa project. With our technological and scientific expertise, we can help companies find new business from the solutions that the real-estate ecosystems created in the project will generate.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is one of Europe’s leading research and technology organisations. We use our research and knowledge to provide expert services for our customers and partners. We use 4,000,000 hours of brainpower a year to develop new technologies, competitiveness enhancing solutions and innovative services.

VTT’s goal in the Virpa project is to help companies network across industry boundaries, to create new value chains and make new connections and respond to development challenges through multidisciplinary research. The result will be new business and new jobs from digitalisation and the IoT. The projects are progressing through pilots, where VTT’s experience and technology are utilised to point out new opportunities.

The project has used features such as VTT’s Smart Grid service environment for studying intelligent building user interfaces and made buildings responsive by combining the power from different sites into a virtual power plant using IoT technologies to achieve significant balancing power.

VTT has studied the use of building service automation and building data models in the optimisation of utilisation rates and required control. The ecosystems formed in the pilot sites are used for sharing data, which makes it possible to create new services and business models. For example, data from the building automation system and the lighting features has been used to calculate a reliable utilisation rate. The project companies are pioneers, but the same opportunities will also be opened up to other companies.

VTT has introduced, for example, data models for the building, in which data from the building is linked and can be viewed on VTT’s workstation application. It can also be used on a browser with the Drumbeat project solution, but this is not as quick as the workstation application. To make the data easy to access to parties such as the maintenance staff, QR codes have been linked to the pilot sites so that the data related to the relevant site can be quickly accessed by pointing a camera at the code. Together with Augumenta, a version of the application has been created to be used with augmented reality glasses; a maintenance man receives information in his field of vision by focusing on the QR code. He can access the device’s data directly with the application without having to log on to the complex remote access interface of the building service system.

Different ecosystems and participation in them is becoming increasingly important. VTT has also entered into collaboration agreements with its partners Siemens and Elisa, both also involved in this project, in which IoT ecosystems are developed further. The Digital Fiber ecosystem of the Kiviruukki area together with Siemens advances digitalisation in the forest industry, and the IoT collaboration with Elisa helps SMEs to create high-quality solutions for the long-term development of digitalisation. We are also involved in many other projects, such as studies of urban ecosystem solutions, where data from cities is shared with various partners. For society, this means more open systems, which, in turn, means that operations such as public procurement can be implemented on a larger scale. People in cities will have access to new cost-effective services.

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