Virpa B

Online balancing power and power management

The goal of the Virpa B project has been to explore how a building’s energy efficiency can be improved by anticipating fluctuations in energy consumption and utilising power produced on site.

The Virpa B project, which started in 2016, is linked to megatrends in building service technologies such as tightening emission reductions and energy efficiency requirements, increasing the number of technological solutions used in buildings, and the impact of digitalisation and IoT on the entire industry.

Buildings that respond to demand

The basic idea behind Virpa B has been to create buildings that respond to demand: how to make some buildings adjustable so that they can express the extent to which energy consumption can be adjusted up and down over a certain period of time.

Data gathered from buildings can also include information about their energy production and external equipment, such as electric cars. The buildings are connected via the Internet into a large virtual balancing power unit. The capacity generated can be sold to the balancing power market, for example.

Essential questions about producing balancing power and studying the economic benefits of balancing power have been:

  • how balancing power can be generated through energy consumption elasticities;
  • how the balancing power produced is economically beneficial to the property owner and the energy company;
  • how to achieve a better payback period for energy investments.

Applications in commercial properties

The Virpa B project has been piloted in commercial properties: the S Group’s supermarkets in Oulu, one of which is equipped with devices such as a large number solar collectors, had the goal of achieving energy self-sufficiency for a large part of the year.

The areas with the most potential for applying balancing power management in the properties have been cold chain, heating, tap water, lighting and ventilation. Management models have been developed to achieve the best possible economic results without compromising the functionality and structures of the property.

There have been a total of 10 partners in the project and two research partners.

In brief

Virpa B: Online balancing power business: renewable energy, integrated energy production and balancing power

Pilot sites: Arinan Kiinteistöt Oy, S-market in Tuira and S-Market in Kello
Project period: 2016–17

Budget: EUR 2.5 million

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