Virpa C

Improved user experience benefits building service solutions and real-estate services

Virpa C combines the expertise in construction, real estate management, energy, ICT and service business of a total of 15 companies and five research units.

Their common goal is to facilitate the everyday control of building services and real-estate services: to improve the user experience and life-cycle management as well as to develop new business models that support real-estate life-cycle services. In the development efforts, the project partners utilise opportunities offered by digitalisation, such as virtual technology.

New practices related to the provision of real-estate services make resourcing easier and the entire process more efficient.

Properties’ life-cycles can also be better managed with the provision and management of future-oriented real-estate services. Properties become more attractive while user satisfaction increases.

Improved user experience in the pilot environments

Virpa C has versatile pilot environments in Oulu, Tampere, Helsinki, Espoo and Turku. New opportunities created by 5G technologies in real-estate business are being tested in the Oulu University pilot environment.

The virtual service environment strives to provide an improved user experience through building service solutions and real-estate services. The essential question is how the digital revolution helps to increase the attractiveness of commercial premises: what kind of data are required and how can these data be utilised to support the profitability of business premises?

Results of the successful integration of expertise

Virpa C has utilised virtual technologies such as the BIM data model, virtual reality and augmented reality for the use of a property, e.g. through the organisation of location and device data.

The project results include:

  • new practices for the provision of real-estate services;
  • new solutions, services and modes for using spaces;
  • business model;
  • new services for international markets;
  • new applications to support properties’ usability.

Combining expertise

What is particularly important is that Virpa C has brought together experts in companies and researchers with their variety of views and experience. Shared methods of value creation and value creation chains are an integral part of the joint development of the building stock, utilising the opportunities of digital business.

A total of 15 companies and six research units from three research organisations have been involved in the project.

It is estimated that the Virpa C project will create 197 new jobs, EUR 86 million in revenue and EUR 43 million in new exports by 2022.

In brief

Virpa C: development of property management services using digitalisation and technologies such as virtual technology

Project period: 2016–18
Budget: EUR 4.2 million

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